The Jeremiah Project is a working project name of All Nations Revival                               Church, and has been launched as a community initiative of the                                                  Church in Mitcham working together in practical ways to benefit                                                  the whole community for good - unconditionally! It has three PLANS                  for the people of Mitcham:  


·         to PROSPER them

·         to give them HOPE

·         to give them a FUTURE worth having  


Working with local Christian Volunteers from across denominational                                          backgrounds, the Jeremiah Project has high aims, values and a belief to                                             see Mitcham people - children, teenagers and adults alike reach their full                                      potential and live abundant purpose filled lives. At its heart is the Love of       God in action:


 - Showing this Love through faith in action to the people of Mitcham


 - Mobilising a whole Church Volunteer Network


 - Motivated by compassion to serve others unconditionally


 - Training, coordinating, resourcing, inspiring, and releasing Teams


 - Offering focused and targeted support projects in key areas of need



Why not check out the Projects link above for more information?

Jeremiah Project Plans to prosper...

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