Personal Budget Coaching, and Money Management Workshops are available from our trained Coaches. These can one2one or small group sessions. In the past we have run them in homes, schools and at community support groups. No matter how serious the problem there is always 'HOPE' - contact us for help, and start planning towards 'debt free day!!'

Jeremiah Project Plans to prosper...


Budget Coaching


We organise Volunteers into Teams and these Teams undertake 'Missions' to Mitcham! In contrast to travelling overseas we're looking at Mitcham as our Mission -  full of good potential. The Teams target specific areas of concern, depravity, injustice, etc; and by prayer and faith in action - seek to address and bring Help, Healing and Hope.  


Parish Nursing

We have a fully trained Parish Nurse available one day a week. Working in the community she is able to uniquely combine faith and practice by offering healthcare promotion and education, counselling, advocacy, support groups, and training of care volunteers. Contact Elaine through this website or on: 07411 325384

Elaine Parish Nurse