Pastoral Care & Support is an important part of what the Church does. Under the Jeremiah Project we are targeting specific areas within families and relationships. An area of particular interest to us at the moment is father's and son's. We hope to provide good role models, father figures and mentors to younger men/boys through our network of volunteers.

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Pastoral Care & Support

Practical Help

Practical Help and 'Serving Teams' in the community are being recruited and trained. These will work and overlap with the 'Missions' Teams but are designed to be more reactive and respond quick and decisively to needs as they arise.  

We lead a Team of trained Bible Explorers who teach in some 20 primary schools and one special school in Merton. Their work is to supplement, and support the locally agreed syllabus of the RE curriculm with regard to Christianity by providing 5 one hour lessons in the Old Testament, and 5 one hour lessons in the New Testament to Years 5&6 pupils. By the time the children have finished their primary school education they should have received an excellent foundation in the Bible.    

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